The meeting was held at the South Florida Water Management District, Storch Room, from 9:30 am to 11:00 am. 

The following topics were discussed:

1.    Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
Dr. Kim Delaney, with the TCRPC, gave a brief historical overview of the project leading up to the retention of Taylor Engineering to complete design drawings for a navigable boat transfer operation at the C-144 Flood Control Structure, as well as a portage area and fishing pier feature.

Jon Armbruster from Taylor Engineering, gave a presentation of the design which addressed all aspects of boat ingress and egress with minimal impacts to the natural habitats and marine life. Because this was Taylor Engineering's final report, draft permit documentation was also presented.

Following the presentation, TCRPC opened the discussion of "next steps" facing the Coalition and project overall.

Presentation PDF :

Presentation Video:

Video courtesy of Wes Blackman.

2.    Next Steps
The need for a single permittee was discussed. The possibility of the Palm Beach County Board of Commissioners including a line item in the County's upcoming fiscal year budget was one of the viable solutions outlined and what that would look like. Once a permittee is confirmed, submittal to the SFWMD would require a permit fee of approximately $1,500 to $2,000 dollars.

Because Taylor Engineering presented an "all-in" cost estimate of the entire project at somewhere around $4.5-$5 million dollars, the need to break-out the project into component parts was agreed to, such as: the cost associated with just the dredging of the side canal; cost of the portage area; cost of the fishing pier construction; and cost of a boat lift installation. 

3.    New Working Groups
As a result of general discussion, it was agreed that two new working groups should be formed. 

The first, will focus upon identifying a particular local government, either PB County or local municipality, and confirming their role as the project permittee.

The second, will work with Taylor Engineering, the WPB Fishing Club, the Marine Industries Association and other stakeholders, in breaking the project down into its component parts and possible sequencing.

4.    Communications Working Group
Now that the final design features are completed, the need to update all the municipalities and organizations within the Blueway Trail Coalition was expressed. TCRPC will make their team available on an "as needed" basis.

5.    Misc.
Three members of the newly created Lake Worth Blueway Trail Advisory Committee recently formed and constituted by the City of Lake Worth, were in attendance: Michelle Sylvester, Chair; Stacey Alosoroff; and Laura Starr.

No date was set for the next meeting, pending reports from the various working groups.

 Danna Ackerman-White, Comm Kerner
Councilman Andy Amoroso, Lake Worth
Jonathan Armbruster, Taylor Engineering
David Bernhardt, Comm Kerner
Todd Bonlarron, PBC Asst. Manager
Michael Busha, TCRPC
Dan Clark, Lake Clarke Shores
Laura Corry, SFWMD
Kim Delaney, TCRPC
Evelyn DuPlecy, Sen. Jeff Clemens
Felicia Goldstein, Cong Lois Frankel
Dorothy Gravelin, Cloud Lake
Councilman Omari Hardy, Lake Worth
Mark Hightower, WPB Fishing Club
Commissioner Shanon Materio, West Palm Beach
Jean Matthew, PBC Parks Dpt.
Victoria Nowlan, Rep. David Silvers
Richard Pinsky, Akerman, LLP
Councilman Herman Robinson, Lake Worth
Councilman Val Rodriguez, Lake Clarke Shores
Councilman Bob Shalhoub, Lake Clarke Shores
Brian Shields, Lake Worth
Councilman John Studdard, Lake Clarke Shores
Brent Whitfield, Chen-Moore Engineering

Stacey Arlosoroff, LW Advisory Committee
Wes Blackman, CWB Associates
Mark Easton, Lake Worth Herald
Laura Starr, LW Advisory Committee
Michelle Sylvester, LW Advisory Committee
Jeffrey Vollat, A.D.A. Engineering