The meeting was held at the South Florida Water Management District headquarters, from approximately 9:45 am to 11:30 am. 

The following topics were discussed:

1.    Draft Permit Update.
Jon Armbruster from Taylor Engineering, gave an update on the data gathering to-date, which is now, basically concluded. Although the preliminary design features contained in the RFP for engineering services for a boat lift and portage area guided the data collection, suggestions for alternative designs can now be formulated based upon the data collection.
Taylor Engineering will be working on the alternative designs with the goal to bring some choices back to the coalition for input at the next meeting. Both Jon Armbruster and Kim Delaney, from TCRPC, assured the coalition that the draft permit timetable is still on track to be completed by June, 2017.

2.    Boat Lift & Fishing Piers Working Groups
A request from Lake Clark Shores to the SFWMD to lease the strip of uplands adjacent to the south fishing pier in order to repair the pier for use during the upcoming snook fishing season was discussed. Based upon Taylor Engineering's belief that the existing fishing pier pilings will have to be removed, in order to complete the boat lift and portage area project, it was agreed that the cost of building a new pier would be too costly of an endeavor to do separate from the overall project design of , boat lift, portage area and fishing pier replacement.
It was understood that making a FIND Grant application would at this time would not be prudent, although West Palm Beach was going to look into repairing the north pier, since the structure does not need to be moved as does the south side pier.
3.    Communications and Community Outreach
John Studdard and Jessica Fontaine gave an updated power point draft which will be used for presentations to cities and neighborhood groups. Also, three "Blueway Trail" logos were presented and one was selected. General feedback on the power point draft called for more economic development verbiage.

4.    Miscellaneous
Correspondence from the Blueway Trail Coalition to the Palm Beach County proposing the offer for the County's ERM department to integrate the Blueway Trail initiative under its authority, was informally turned down at this time, due to lack of staffing and resources.
Val Rodriguez gave a presentation regarding alternative organizational structures that could be used to facilitate the ongoing Blueway Trail Coalition activities. These included coming under a city's jurisdiction or multi-city jurisdiction, or forming an independent not for profit organization.

Danna Ackerman-White, Comm Kerner
Councilman Andy Amoroso, Lake Worth
Jonathan Armbruster, Taylor Engineering
David Bernhardt, Comm Kerner
Chuck Collins, MIA PBC
Laura Corry, SFWMD
Kim Delaney, TCRPC
Jessica Fontaine, Spark Group
Jeff Green, West Palm Beach
Glenda Hall, Boynton Beach
Delores Key, Lake Worth
Comm. Shanon Materio, West Palm Beach
Jean Matthew, PBC Parks Dpt.
Councilwoman Dawn Pardo, Riviera Beach
Audrey Piedra, Rep. David Silvers
Richard Pinsky, Akerman, LLC
Councilman Val Rodriguez, Lake Clarke Shores
Melissa Santoro, Sen. Jeff Clemens
Brian Shields, Lake Worth
John Studdard, Achieve Agency
Brent Whitfield, A.D.A. Engineering

Paul Shalhoub, Lake Clarke Shores
Wes Blackman, Lake Worth Blog

The date of the next meeting was set for Friday, March 3, 2017 at 10:00 am.