The meeting was held at the South Florida Water Management District headquarters, from approximately 10:00 am to 11:15 am. 

The following topics were discussed:

1.    Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council.
Kim Delaney reported that the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) solicitation from TCRPC to interested engineering firms, has been released and made available to interested parties wishing to respond. 

To-date 17 firms have made inquiries. Kim provided an overview of the various sections of the solicitation itself and answered several questions regarding the specifics. No comments or questions were allowed from potential respondents. 

The RFQ has a submittal deadline of August 22nd. A review committee will award point values as described in the RFQ. TCRPC is tentatively establishing a review and evaluation committee that will consist of one representative from Lake Worth and one representative from Lake Clarke Shores, as well as an individual from  Palm Beach County. Also, a representative from the marine industry and someone from the fishing community will be invited to sit on the committee, totaling five members. 

Prior to an award, TCRPC may request top scoring finalists make an oral  presentation. Final selection and contract negotiations should all be completed by the end of September.
2.    Boat Lift & Fishing Piers Working Groups
The working groups distributed a sample rendering showing a possible layout configuration of fishing piers, portage areas and ingress and egress of small craft needing to circumvent the C-51 Flood Control Structure.

The drawing was incorporated into the TCRPC RFQ as an example of what the project design might look like. Also, the drawing is to be posted on the website, as will the RFQ. 
3.    Communications and Community Outreach
The working group recommended "Palm Beach County Blueway Trail" be adopted as the new name for the entire blueway trail project, pending approval by Palm Beach County for use of the name.

Following final name approval, the power point and video can then be updated for use and distribution. Also, application to the Department of Environmental Protection for state blueway trail designation can then be applied for as well.

4.    Blueway Trail Connectivity
Several samples of blueway trail segment descriptions were distributed by the working group compiled from jurisdictions throughout the state of Florida. Coalition members representing cities were asked to begin thinking of points of interest and other features that would be incorporated in a trail description specific to their community.

It was generally agreed that the blueway trail geographic boundaries would be the waterways east of US Highway 1 from the southernmost end of the Chain of Lakes, approximately located in Delray Beach, to the Loxahatchee River, approximately located in Jupiter. 

The date of the next meeting was set for Friday, September 27,  2016, 10:00 am.

Mike Bornstein, City of Lake Worth
Dan Clark, City of Lake Clarke Shores
Chuck Collins, MIA PBC
Laura Corry, SFWMD
John D'Agostino, Town of Lake Park
Kim Delaney, TCRPC
Jeff Green, West Palm Beach
Elaine Higgins, Rep. Dave Kerner
Delores Key, City of Lake Worth
Comm. Shanon Materio, West Palm Beach
Jean Matthews, PBC Parks Dpt.
Comm. Dawn Pardo, Riviera Beach
Richard Pinsky, Akerman, LLC
Richard Radcliffe, League of Cities
Brian Shields, City of Lake Worth
Joseph Sophie, PBC Leg Affairs
John Studdard, Achieve Agency

David Silvers
Jim Karas, Keith & Schnars