The meeting was held at the South Florida Water Management District headquarters, from approximately 10:00 am to 11:15 am on June 24, 2016 

The following topics were discussed:

1.    Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council.
Kim Delaney gave an update on the issuance of a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) solicitation from TCRPC to interested engineering firms with qualifications for completing draft permit submittals. TCRPC anticipates completing the RFQ for general publication and distribution by the end of July, 2016. Responses would be returned and evaluated by a selection committee by the end of August, 2016, followed by negotiations and contract signing with the selected firm sometime in September. The selection committee would consist of five members and be a representation of local government, agencies and perhaps stakeholder industries. 

2.    Boat Lift Working Group
Nothing to  report.
3.    Fishing Piers Working Group
The SFWMD and the City of West Palm Beach confirmed the fishing docks on the north side of the C-51 will soon be demolished. The city of Lake Worth is not under the same mandate to demolish, but the District will be requiring all access to the docks from members of the public be totally cut off if the dock structure remains. It was suggested that the WPB Fishing Club host a meeting in which the explanation of the current dock conditions are discussed as well as a presentation on the new design features for two-way small boat access and new fishing docks.
4.    Communications and Community Outreach
A review of the Blueway Trail web site and the new Face book page were presented which included all the new information posted to the web site such as all the previous Coalition meeting minutes. Everyone was encouraged to "like" the Blueway Trail Facebook page. Discussion of settling upon a name for the Blueway Trail took place after acknowledging that "Chain of Lakes" can no longer be used due to confusion with other SFWMD projects also referred to as Chain of lakes.  In addition to the dozen or so references already being considered, four of five additional suggestions were added to a "prospect" list. It was agreed that at the next Coalition meeting, a more depth naming discussion will be scheduled. 

5.    Blueway Trail Connectivity
Riviera Beach Councilwoman, Dawn Pardo, and immediate Past President of the PBC League of Cities, agreed to head-up a new working group whose focus will be to identify a blueway trail that will highlight points of interest and connect to other eco-tourism opportunities in PB County. Once a blueway trail is identified, Florida's Department of Environmental Protection can receive an application for an official "blueway trail" designation. It was suggested that someone from DEP in Tallahassee be invited to attend the next meeting of the Coalition. 

6.    Misc.
The Blueway Trail Coalition will be making a presentation to the City of Lake Worth on July 19, 2016, at their City Council meeting.
General agreement followed a discussion regarding distributing to the Coalition the email and phone contact information for each of the Coalition participants.

The date of the next meeting was set for Friday, August 10, 2016, 10:00 am.

Dan Clark, City of Lake Clarke Shores
Chuck Collins, MIA PBC
Laura Corry, SFWMD
Kim Delaney, TCRPC
Jeff Green, West Palm Beach
Elaine Higgins, Rep. Dave Kerner
Mark Hightower, WPB Fishing Club
Jim Karas, Keith & Schnars
Comm. Shanon Materio, West Palm Beach
Jean Mathews, PBC Parks Dpt.
Comm. Dawn Pardo, Riviera Beach
Richard Pinsky, Akerman, LLC
Richard Radcliffe, League of Cities
Melissa Santoro, Senator Clemens
Mayor Bob Shalhoub, Lake Clarke Shores
Joseph Sophie, PBC Leg Affairs
John Studdard, Achieve Agency

David Silvers
Bill Newgent