The meeting was held at the Lake Worth City Hall on December 11, 2015 from approximately 9:30 am to 1 1:15 am. 

The following topics were discussed:

  1. More specific engineering requirements, as they relate to the redesign and construction of new fishing piers on the north and south sides of the canal, will be obtained. This will be coordinated between Jim Karas, SFWMD, and the local fishing clubs. Dan Clark has set a meeting with the fishing club for Tuesday, December 15 th , at 1 pm.
  2. Possible attendees of PBC County Days in Tallahassee was discussed and the tentative meetings with House and Senate decision makers were outlined.
  3. Ideabar presented branding logos, video script concepts, power point decks and a brochure lay-out. A tentative boat tour with video film crew is set for some time between December 14th -16th
  4. Municipality updates included resolutions passed by Lake Clarke Shores and the Town of Haverhill. A similar Resolution will be presented to the PBC Board of Commissioners, Tuesday, December 15 th , for adoption. Bob Shalhoub and Dan Clark will attend, as well as Dawn Pardo on behalf of the League of Cities.
  5. Outreach will continue to focus upon municipalities as well as the PBC Marine Association, the local paddle board and kayaking clubs and local businesses. Bill Bachman from Tuppens Marine agreed to be listed as supporting business of the initiative. 

Danna Ackerman-White, Comm Shelley Vana
Andy Amoroso, Lake Worth
Bill Bachman, Tuppens Marine
Michael Bornstein, Lake Worth
sally Channon, PBC ERM
Dan Clark, City of Lake Clarke Shores
Laura Corry, SFWMD
Karen Estock, SFWMD
Dorothy Gravelin, Town of Cloud Lake
Bob Hamilton, PBC Parks Dpt.
Jim Karas, Keith & Schnars
Dolores Key, Lake Worth
Shanon Materio, City of West Palm Beach
Richard Pinsky, Akeman
Melissa Santoro, Senator Clemens
Bob Shalhoub, Lake Clarke Shores
Jennifer Sullivan, Ideabar
Glen Torcivia, City of Lake Worth