The meeting was held at the South Florida Water Management District headquarters, from approximately 10:30 am to 11 :45 am on April 4, 2016.

An initial update was given confirming the $286,900. dollars in state funding appropriated during the recent Legislative Session and that the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council will be the contracting agency with the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and the responsible entity for disbursing the funds.

The following topics were discussed: 

  1. Boat Lift permitting.
    With the SFWMD present and the Army Corps of Engineers participating via telephone, all the aspects of completing a "408" and "404" permit were discussed, including the need for hydraulic flow modeling when the Flood Control Structure itself is engaged or active. The permit application will also consider safety and security of the boat lift apparatus; longevity of the design and installation; environmental impacts; and actual hours of operation.
    Prior to any actual permit submittal, the Corps will participate in a preliminary plan submittal meeting.
  2. Fishing piers.
    The fishing piers on the north and south side of the C-51 are currently closed due to disrepair. The pier on the north side must be replaced, while the pier on the south side could be repaired. Because the proximity of the piers to the location of the proposed boat lift must be considered, an entirely new design is called for.  Mark Hightower, with the West Palm Beach Fishing Club, volunteered to serve as chairman of a subcommittee charged with the task of proposing a new pier design that promotes healthy fish habitats; complies with District guidelines; and is consistent with any proposed boat lift configuration. Assisting Mark, will be Dan Clark, Lake Clarke Shores, and Chuck Collins, Marine Industry Association of PB County. Potential funding for any pier redesign and installation may be a combination of SFWMD, local government and FIND.
  3. Boat Lift Design
    Because more research is needed before a final determination can be made as to the most suitable, durable and efficient boat lift itself, Chuck Collins with the Marine Industries Association, volunteered to chair a subcommittee to research boat lift design and make a recommendation to the Working Group. Jim Karas and Dan Clark will assist Chuck.
  4.  Cpmmunity Outreach/Marketing
    Marketing and promotion of the creation of a new Blueway Trail as well as opening access to the Chain of Lakes has primarily focused upon securing state funding for permit completion. Shifting to community outreach and updating the marketing materials that have been produced to-date, is now the focus of Blueway Trail initiative.
    Although the need for someone to lead the outreach effort is a top priority, no decision was made specifically resolving how best to proceed. However, opportunities to speak at homeowner association meetings and present to city commissions, will be ongoing along with identifying minor edits to the current web site, power point, and any hand-outs.

The date of the next meeting was set for Tuesday, May l0th.

Todd Bonlarron, PBC BCC
Dan Clark, Town of Lake Clarke Shores
Chuck Collins, MIA PBC
Laura Corry, SFWMD
Lucine Dadrian, SFWMD
Karen Estock, SFWMD
Dorothy Gravelin, Town of Cloud Lake
Mark Hightower, WPB Fishing Club
Jim Karas, Keith & Schnars
Dave Kemer, State Representative
Tom Lanahan, Greenacres
Charity Lewis, Cong. Lois Frankel
Wally Majors, Boynton Beach
Debbie Manzo, Lantana
Jean Mathews, PBC Parks Dpt.
Alice MCLane, Glen Ridge
Richard Pinsky, Akerman, LLC
Melissa Santoro, Senator Clemens
Val Rodriguez, Town of Lake Clarke Shores
Kenneth Weming, Keith & Schnars
Bob Vitas, South Palm Beac